Who are we?

Hi there, we’re Lightyear Finance, nice to meet you.
We’re a new type of financial company and we started our business with one simple goal to provide you a better service than some of the more traditional financial service practices. Times have changed, but a lot of financial companies and banks haven’t changed with them.

What do we do?
We do things differently. We’re changing the meaning of what client service means.
For starters we’re a business that never closes. Our people are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
You won’t find us on the high street or in your shopping centre, we’re always here, online, on your mobile or your laptop… wherever or whenever you need us.
Our job is simple, to sort out your financial needs. We’re fast, effective and efficient and our goal is to find you the home loan that’s right for you now and in the future.
And you’ll never deal with a ‘robot’, we only employ real people, who are all experienced, smart, savvy and passionate about what they do.

Why choose us?
Beyond our obsession with customer service, our systems, processes and people provide great ongoing value for you. We know you want seamless, intuitive control over your finances, wherever and whenever. So that’s what we deliver.

How does it work?
It’s starts by listening. No-one knows your financial situation better than you and of course your money is important to you, but like most people you don’t have the detailed knowledge about the best mortgage structures that are available and that’s where we come in.
We start the process by clearly understanding what you want and what your particular requirements are. We listen first, then ask the relevant questions later. This allows us to make your loan recommendation and application simple and hassle free.

What then?
To us, once you have your loan, that isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. We keep in touch to make sure that your loan continues to suit your needs. A change in lifestyle, like a new job or the pitter patter of tiny feet, may mean that a different loan and structure may suit you better. We’re here to help at every stage of your life and are committed to providing long term value.

One last thing…
So, if you’re looking for a financial company that stands for common sense, simplicity, convenience and ease, get in touch today, we’re standing by to help in any way we can.