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With access to over 2,500 loans*2, our customers have saved on average $56,500 p.a *3.
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2GB Terms and Conditions
  1. Offer only for residential home loan applications that are lodged with a lender via Lightyear Finance (“LYF”) and settled on or before 30 June, 2019 (“Promotional Period”).
    Eligible applicants will receive written confirmation from LYF that their home loan application has been lodged with a lender. Eligible applicants will receive a one-time AUD$1,000 payment from LYF following settlement of their home loan, which must occur within the Promotional Period.
    The offer is limited to one payment per main applicant. Multiple applications submitted by the same main applicant are not eligible for multiple payments.
    LYF will be in contact with the main applicant upon settlement of the home loan application to confirm the payment details. Payment time may take up to 6 weeks after confirmation of main applicant’s payment details to LYF in writing.
    All loan applications are subject to LYF assessment, the lender’s credit criteria and lender approval. Only home loan applications with a total loan amount greater than or equal to AUD$250,000 are eligible to receive the cash back payment. It is not applicable to other LYF business referral source lead enquiries.
    All applicants must undertake a verification of identity check in accordance with the applicable standards in the relevant Australian State or Territory.
    This is a limited time offer and may be varied or withdrawn by LYF at any time.
  2. Our technology platform Connective Mercury 5 filters over 40 lenders and 1000’s of products looking at comparisons and combinations to provide the most appropriate comparative choices specific to your needs. Mercury 5 compares across a wide range of major, 2nd tier and non-bank lenders. Mercury was awarded Technology Platform of the Year at the 2018 Broker Awards.
  3. Average savings figure of Lightyear Finance customers who switched their home loan for a lower interest rate between March 2018 and Dec 2018, assuming minimum monthly repayments remain constant for the life of the loan.